6 tips on how to use makeup to make your eyes look larger

Makeup really is a wonderful thing. We use it to perfect, to correct and to completely fake the look of any individual feature we're just not satisfied with. When it comes to making your eyes look larger, makeup is king.
If your eyes are deep-set or look small because of skin pigmentation or lack of sleep, you can make them look brighter and larger in just six simple steps.
Prime and camouflage
To get the most out of your look, you'll want to begin by covering any discoloration on the lid with a tinted primer or cream shadow.
Customize lashes to open the eyes
False lashes are truly one of the greatest gifts the beauty world has provided. They instantly make eyes look more open, but sometimes a standard strip just isn't enough. Compare the left and right side in the photo below:
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Line your lower waterline in white or nude
Lining your eyes with dark liner can make them not only look smaller but more tired. If you didn't get 40 winks, sweep a white or nude liner along your lower waterline. Your eyes will instantly look brighter. See the effect on the left eye in the picture below:
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Move your crease upward
If the crease of your eye is fairly close to the lash line, apply shadow just slightly above it. Blend carefully to make sure your new crease isn't obvious.
Don't forget your eyebrows
Groomed eyebrows can really help frame your eyes, making them appear larger. Make sure the arch of the eyebrows is at the right spot for the most dramatic effect. See the picture below:
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Add shimmer
Put some shimmer on the center of your eyelid and the inner corners of your eyes for a brighter, larger eye look.
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Draw a hashtag for a quick smoky eye
This technique for creating the smoky eye look is definitely going viral, but is it a hack or whack? We put this particular trick to the test in the video below. You might be surprised by the results.
Adding highlight to the inner eye corners
Accenting the inner eye corners really will help bring out your eyes, making them appear larger. Use a highlighter or a white eyeliner pencil to create the effect. Check out the before and after in the photo below:
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Draw fine lines
Keep your eyeliner as close to the upper lash line as possible. You'll want to gradually increase the thickness as you go to the outer corner of your eye versus lining it the same weight all around the eye. This technique will make the eyes appear larger.
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Make sure you have an arch
Straight brows look great on lots of people, but they make small eyes look even more closed off. When you shape your brows, aim to have a slight arch at the center of your iris to achieve a lifted look. Tip: Applying a touch of non-shimmery highlighter just below the tail of your brow will also make your eyes look bigger.
Contour your crease
Applying a darker shade to your crease will give your eyes more definition and make them pop. Make sure to blend this color out to have a more natural effect.
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Curl your lashes & use mascara
Don't forget to curl your lashes and use mascara. This step will definitely bring out your eyes. Pro Tip: For a longer lasting effect, try using a hair dryer to warm up your eyelash curler before use.
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Apply concealer in a triangle shape
Having dark circles or shadows will diminish the look of your eyes. In the following video, we do a comparison of two ways of applying concealer to the face. Can you spot the difference?
Make sure your winged eyeliner goes up and out
The right eyeliner shape can really help frame your eyes. Use Scotch tape as a stencil when applying eye makeup to get a clean line, especially when putting on liquid eyeliner. See how this works in the video below.
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