6+ makeup mistakes that make you look much older than you actually are

On the best of days, we all look our youthful selves. Fresh, flawless, and free of fine lines. Sadly, even on good days (with good intentions), makeup mishaps can make us look older than we really are...but we're about to change that for you.
There are some fairly basic rules to keep in mind if you want to look fabulous without looking your age (or older). It may mean giving up some habits you've had since a young age, but I assure you that you'll benefit in the long run by breaking up with these outdated applications.
Failure to prime
Your skin's texture today probably doesn't feel the same as it did when you were a kid. Foundation can cling to dry patches and uneven skin, but applying a thin layer of primer will smooth out the surface and make your foundation look much better. P.S. It'll last longer, too.
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Refusal to switch formulas
Powder foundation can be fabulous, but if your skin skews dry, you'll want to rethink that option. Cream and liquid foundation products are more forgiving and leave your skin with a hydrated look. You can even fake that dewy glow, so don't be afraid to try something new.
Going too dark
Bold brows are super hot right now, but if the color is too dark, you'll inevitably look older. Try to match your brows to your hair color or go a little lighter.
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Setting everything with powder
Yes, I know. I've seen the YouTube videos, and powder certainly has a purpose. Just go easy with it. Use too much, and you'll look a decade older within seconds. Tip: A quick spritz of setting spray or rosewater over the powder will keep it from looking chalky.
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Making the dreaded blush boo-boo
That color on your cheeks makes you look healthy and young...unless you hit it with a heavy hand or the wrong shade. Stick to peachy pink shades, and you'll be fine, but watch out for anything shimmery. It adds texture and often emphasizes fine lines.
Flat or droopy eyelashes
If you are going to curl your lashes, make sure the curls hold. To do so, make sure you hold the curl for around 15 seconds before letting go. One other quick hack for longer laster curls: Use a hair dryer to heat up the lash curler before use. ​
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Avoid dark highlighter
Highlighting under the brow bone is a great technique for all ages. It opens up the eyes, making them appear wider. Avoid using too dark of a highlight close to the brow, and go for a soft shimmery shade instead, as shown in the photo below.
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Clinging to black eyeliner
I can hear you resisting, but hear me out. Black eyeliner has its place, especially when drama is the theme of the day. It can make your eyes look smaller, though, so switching to a nude, pink, or even white liner on the lower waterline will make your eyes look more open.
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