8 dreamy half-up braided hairstyles that you can rock and your friends will want to copy

When most people think of braids, they picture thick, full-headed jobs that take a ton of time and serious finger strength. But, these trendy styles are just as cute and a lot less work than the traditional full braid. If you're running low on time or you just want to try something different, these ideas are a good place to start.
Check out this list of cute half-up braids. Most of these styles work on different hair lengths, so you should be able to find something that works for you!
1. Half-up Dutch crown braid
This simple hairstyle is easy to personalize. The chunky braid is a great visual and leaving loose hair feels casual and pretty. Pro tip: make sure to adjust your braid as you move so that it runs across your head.
2. Half-up lace braid style
I love this braid. It feels very old-timey royal. The curly hair at the bottom is super chick and pretty. The double-branded crown is a neat visual, and it securely keeps your hair out of your face.
3. Four strand headband braid
The four-strand braid has a unique look because you're using an extra strand of hair in your braid. The braid is a little tricky so make sure to watch this tutorial carefully. It's a bit more like a weaving technique than a traditional braid.
4. Lace rose half-up hair (h/t Design Every Day)
This is a sweet look that's really simple. The highlight of the style is a pretty braided rose which is just the result of twisting the braid around itself. You could even add some little flower or pearls to jazz it up a bit.
5. Half-up fishtail braid (h/t Alex Crabtree's Hair and Makeup)
There's something about keeping your hair sweet and simple. It's a perfect style for days you are in a hurry, but you still need to look like you took a little time to get ready.
6. Half-up side french braid (h/t The Shine Project)
I love the way this braid pulls hair away from the face and adds a little height and volume without looking over the top. The braid looks elegant and effortless, and you could easily flip the remaining hair up into a bun if you start to get hot.
7. Half-up simple braid
I love this idea because it seriously takes less than two minutes to do these braids. It's a go-to for when my kids woke up late, and we've got to run out the door. The style works on straight or curly hair and is a viable option for longer or shorter cuts too.

Get that hair up and out of the way while still looking adorable. Just grab your scrunchies!
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