7 totally easy crown braids that people will swoon over when you wear them

Crown braids are a fun hairstyle to try when you want to keep your hair out of your face, but you are looking for something a little more complicated than a ponytail or bun. Crown braids look tough (and they can be a bit hard on the arms), but most beginners can tackle at least some of these styles.
Check out these adorable crown braids the next time you need a hairstyle to take you from day to night.
1. Dutch crown braid
A Dutch braid is a pretty option for a crown style because it's easy to make the braided sections look fuller with a little pancaking technique. I love the strips of hair that pull into the braid for nice visual contrast.
2. Cosplay braided hair
The high-topped crown is perfect for dressing up, but I think it's cute enough to wear with a pretty sweater. Pro ti" When working your first braid, make sure not to pull too tightly, as you'll need to loosen some hair at the end and it'll be easier to access with a slightly looser style.
3. Beachy waves and braid (h/t Braids in Action)
The beachy waves and a perfect crown braid around the whole head are perfect. It's a simple look, but it screams Boho and chic. The plaited section is a great place to show off any highlights you have too.
4. Inverted fishtail crown braid
An inverted fishtail braid gives a unique look to this hairstyle. It's more textured and full, plus the braiding looks far more complicated than it is. The twist is such a sharp look that you don't even need any extra ribbons or pins to dress it up.
5. Crown plait hair
A crown braid doesn't have to mean all of your hair is pulled up. This style is great because it adds height to the front of your hair while showing off your braiding skills with a long ponytail. This technique works best with longer hair.
6. Dutch five-strand crown and fishtail (h/t Braids by Jordan)
The combination of braids is stunning all on their own. But, adding flowers to the top of the crown braid makes this look a perfect option for any formal occasion. The look is fun because of the contrasting angles between the fishtail and the pulled Dutch braid.
7. High crown braid (h/t Hair Romance)
If your aim is a classic crown braid, this version is perfect. It's high on the head, and the braided layers work together to create a textured crown. I love that it's simple, but also very feminine. You could pull a few loose strands around your face, or opt for bangs, to soften it a bit.

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