Avoid cakey foundation and creases when you follow these 5 helpful tips

The whole purpose of makeup is to cover up flaws without looking like you're about to star in a theatrical production. One of the biggest tell-tale signs that you're doing your makeup wrong is cakey foundation or obvious under-eye creasing.
Finding the right combination of products takes time, but there are a few rules that can easily improve your game. Take a look at the helpful tips below. You might discover a new application method that transforms your look immediately.
1. Pick the right priming product
Depending on your skin type, you may want to use a silicone-based primer or a priming water or spray. If oily skin is a concern, grab a mattifying primer. These products work to keep your base and concealer exactly where you want them.
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2. Eye creams and foundation
f your skin runs ultra dry, you may be tempted to use the same eye cream day and night...but it could be causing those under eye creases. You want the under eye area to be hydrated but not oily because those oils break down makeup.
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3. Don't bring foundation all the way up to the waterline
As tempting as this is, you only want to use foundation under your eyes if you're not using concealer. Remember, layering can result in that cakey effect.
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4. Try sheering out foundation
If you need more than one layer of foundation, be sure to press it into the skin firmly and then mist your face with rose water. It adds moisture and will help the next layer go on smoothly without looking heavy.
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5. The right way to powder after applying foundation
Unless you're taking professional pictures, you don't need to use setting powder on your entire face. It can settle into your fine lines during the day and make your foundation look thick and heavy.
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