This is the easiest way to do a crown braid (+5 hairstyles)

Feeling like royalty has never been so easy with these pretty crown braids. Ranging from very easy to difficult, there's a style for everyone on this list. I'm in love with this type of braid because it looks soft and pretty, and it's functional.
This style is perfect for the summer, but the braid is a great way to add a little heat into the winter. Check out these sweet braid ideas to brighten up your winter wardrobe.
1. Super easy crown braid
If you love the look of crown braids, but struggle to get the look perfect, this easy tutorial makes it dummy proof. If you can do a simple braid, you can get this look. Pro tip: embrace the bobby pins and the braid pull.
2. Dutch crown braid
This is a tougher style to tackle because you have to braid up one side and down the other. The result is a classic crown braid that's perfect when you want a feminine look that keeps your hair up and out of your face.
3. Crown headband braid
I love this look because you're crossing two braids over your head. The thicker look is impressive, and it really looks like a braided headband. This style is a great way to show off highlights.
4. Hair braided crown (h/t Hair Romance)
This stunning look is a head-turner (literally and figuratively). The whole style turns into a braid that envelopes the entire head. It's perfect for a wedding or a day at the beach.
5. Princess crown braid
If you're really into crowns, this "crown" braid becomes a legit princess crown. This style works for longer hair or shorter hair (though you'll need extensions if your hair is short).
6. Fishtail crown braid (Home, Heart, Craft)
This gorgeous fishtail crown braid is a stunning look that'll have all your friends asking, "who's your stylist?". You can revel in that fact that you did this all by yourself!
Don't have time to wash your hair? Perfect. This braid works best with unwashed hair. The fish-bone style creates a fun look on top of the head. This is a fun look to go with your favorite summer dress or peasant blouse.

These playful styles are quick, simple, and absolutely adorable.
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A stacked braid is what it sounds like, one braid stacked on top of another. The bottom braid is usually a little more flowy or loose, while the top braid is structured and tight. This creates a fun contrast.
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good 20 minutes curling their pretty strands and then shellac it into place for picture day, only to have it revert to the I-haven't-bathed-in-a-month look by the time you reach the car. It's astounding.
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