7 adorable braided hairstyles that you can do on your little ones

I'll fess up to not understanding the physics of kid hair. You can spend a good 20 minutes curling their pretty strands and then shellac it into place for picture day, only to have it revert to the I-haven't-bathed-in-a-month look by the time you reach the car. It's astounding.
Fortunately, opting or a braided style makes it much more likely that hair (even kid hair) will stay in place. If you're tired of chasing after your little one with a comb every time you go out, try one of these braided styles instead:
1. Twisted braid buns (h/t Twist me Pretty)
My favorite part of this brad is that even if it gets a bit tousled, it still looks cute. You can play with the buns to get a fuller look or combine all of the braids into one bun for a toned down style.
2. Braided flower headband
This style is creative and cute! My daughter is always losing the flowers and bows I buy for her hair. This is a fun alternative (since the hair is attached to her head, she'll have a harder time losing it.) You'll need some nimble fingers to tackle this braid.
3. Three strand twist (h/t Babes in Hairland)
The simplicity of this braid is what makes it pretty. Rotating as you braid the hair creates a sturdy style that looks adorable and stays in place. If you want to get fancy, try weaving a ribbon through the twists.
4. Braided Mohawk
This tutorial is on a woman, but it's easy to adjust for little heads too. This rockin' style is perfect for a kid who wants to show off their personality. You'll want to practice your cornrow technique before you master this one.
5. Princess crown braid (h/t Cup of Jo)
This quick style is perfect when you're running low on time, but your little princess wants to look like royalty. The wrap-around braid works on long or short hair and tucks up with a hair tie and a pin.
6. French micro braids
Add a little pizazz to your pigtail routine with a few microbraids. The asymmetrical style is trending right too, which makes this a fun one to try with your little ones.
7. Pull through braid
This pull-through style is simple and great for thin hair because it adds volume. I love that this style is so easy it's almost impossible to mess up, and it looks like you spent hours braiding.