9 gorgeous braided styles to kick your ponytail up a notch

There are days when all you want to do is toss your hair in a ponytail and hit the road. But, your ponytail doesn't have to be drab and dreary. I've gathered a list of some incredible braided-ponytails, that might make you a little more excited to get ready in the morning.
From simple to complicated, each of these featured braided tails is stunning in its right.
1. Double braided ponytail (h/t Missy Sue)
I think this braid idea is great because the whole top of your head has texture. Plus, you don't have to worry about the braid ends looking wonky, since they tuck into to the top of the ponytail.
2. Braided faux-hawk (h/t The Confessions of a Hairstylist)
A high lift in the middle, that's braided looks rough and tumble, but classy. The raised braid helps make your hair look fuller and acts as visual so you can pull off the simple ponytail in the back. (Think of this as the reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back.)
3. Dutch five strand (h/t All to Braids)
This clean, crisp look is beautiful while it keeps your hair in place so you can hit the gym or head out for a nice dinner. Keeping the hair tight to the head ensures a straight line from front to back.
4. Double lace braid ponytail (h/t Brooke's Hair Diaries)
I love this playful braid for little girls. They can still hit the playground and go full-tilt at foursquare without losing destroying the hard work you put in before the headed out the door.
5. Braids for Days (h/t Dino Palmieri Salon)
The fun levels in this braid work well on hair with subtle undertones or highlights. The different textures are sure to draw attention too. It's a fun way to dress up a traditional ponytail.
6. Hat braid (h/t Hot On Beauty)
I love that this hairstyle works on tons of different hair textures and lengths. The severe, tight braids don't look as startling when paired with a fluffy, soft, ponytail.
7. Braids and Twists (h/t Samira's Jewelry)
There is so much going on with this style; it's hard to know where to look. The twists and braids are absolutely stunning, and the ringlets at the bottom add a cute touch.
8. Giant braided ponytail (h/t I Love Pony Tail)
The giant braid is such a comfortable hairstyle, but it still feels put together.I If you have long thick hair, own it with this ponytail!
9. Roman braid (h/t Shear Adventure Blog)
The sleekness of this updo is a perfect backdrop for the beautiful braid and high lift. Wrapping the hair around the ponytail is a nice touch too. There's something a bit wicked about this hairstyle, which is why it would look kind of awesome with a fancy dress.

The Halo Braid resembles, you guessed it, an angel's halo. They are traditionally set on or near the crown of the head, though some can sit a bit lower.
June 17   ·  
The dino braid is a play on the Dutch-French braid. Basically, instead of braiding over (as you would a traditional braid), your braid under. This creates a unique, lifted style that adds height to your hair.
June 16   ·  
The dragon braid is a Dutch (braided upside down) lace braid, that's also pancaked. The style gets its name from its resemblance to the scales seen on the back of a dragon.
June 15   ·  
If you don't have an elastic that matches your hair color, this crossover trick will hide the one you have.
June 14   ·  
#4 will change the way you buy foundation.
June 7   ·