7 Vaseline beauty hacks that should be a part of your beauty routine

Vaseline is a workhorse product, but it doesn't get a lot of love. The jar's pretty plain and there's nothing sexy about the ingredients, but it can work wonders on skin, hair and lashes.
When using Vaseline on the eye area, it's important not to contaminate the jar. Use a small, clean makeup spatula to remove just the amount you need. You'll always have a sanitary product to return to, and you'll be amazed at how many ways you can use it.
Quick eye makeup remover
If you're running low on eye makeup remover, turn to Vaseline. It can make quick work of mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. Watch this in action in the video below.
Treat your lashes
Vaseline conditions skin and lashes, so if you're skipping mascara or just want a nighttime treatment, try the technique in the video instead. Brushing a little Vaseline on brows and lashes creates a soothing effect.
Create a custom highlighter
Help your usual highlighter do double duty with the trick demonstrated in the video below. It will create a beautiful glow.
Make a quick lip scrub
If your lips are flaky and dry, grab the Vaseline. The video below shows how to combine granulated sugar and Vaseline to create a scrub that rejuvenates lips.
Create a glossy eye
Glossy eye makeup doesn't have to be complicated. Check out the video below that shows how less can be more.
Get a dewy glow
No luminizer? No problem. Instead of reaching for an expensive product, dab on a hint of Vaseline. You'll create a fresh, dewy look without glitter. See the before and after look below.
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