Braided buns are in and here are 7 easy styles for you to copy

I love wearing my hair in a bun. I do it so often that when my kids draw pictures of me, my hair is never down. Unfortunately, I usually resort to the boring top knot that looks like it took me as long as it did (about 20 seconds). So, I've done a bit of research to up my hair game.
These fun bun styles are comfortable, keep your hair out of your face, and they look great too. Keep reading to see if one of these ideas will work for you:
1. Messy bun with braids on the side
The messy bun is a go-to styles for its on-trend look and ease to create. The artful style of the just-tossed-it-up look can also incorporate braids. Get the full tutorial here.
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2. Workout-friendly braided bun
There's no need to look like a slouch when you hit the gym. This bun is sturdy enough to make it through a tough workout, and pretty enough to take you out on a date.
3. Fancy braided bun (h/t Desiree Hartsock)
I love this style because it looks old-fashioned, and it's just a bunch of braids wrapped up in each other. The process is simple, but the end result is stunning.
4. Knotted braided bun (h/t Lulus)
The idea of knotting your hair may not sound ideal, but in this case, it works well. This simple style is quick, so you can get it done on the go.
5. French braid bun (h/t Dani Marie)
When you want to upscale your braid and your bun, this style should be your go-to. The elegant side braid elevates the simple bun to a hairstyle fit for a night at the theater.
6. Double braid bun (h/t She Knows)
One of the best parts of this braid-bun is that the front of your hair looks just as dressed up as the back. This style really shows off subtle highlights.
7. Stacked braided bun
If you want to make sure your hair doesn't go anywhere, this braided bun will undoubtedly do the trick. This style is a lot easier to complete than it looks, so don't be scared away from trying this one.

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