8 big and full braided hairstyles to make your hair look more voluminous

If you have thin hair, you know that it can be a drag. It may not hold a curl and doesn't ever look full. Worse, thin hair looks dirtier faster. Lucky for you, I've discovered a few braids that can take your thin-hair woes away. These braids are simple, and they're designed to give your hair a little umph.
If you're ready to fluff up the hair-do, check out these eight braids that will make your hair look thicker than ever.
1. Mermaid hair (h/t Hair Romance)
This pretty style is a quick option that produces stunning results. The thicker braid makes your hair look full and tugging on the braid makes it look even bigger.
2. Side French bread for thin hair
One of the perks of this braid is that it works well on hair you haven't had the chance to wash. The secret sauce to making your hair look thicker is to pull hair from the back sections of your head.
3. Milkmaid braid
The milkmaid braid is a classic. It's also a great option if you want to make your hair look thicker because it's piled on top of your head. If you want it to look a little bigger, gently tug at the braids to make them larger.
4. Fishtail braided bun
This side braid isn't just easy it's pretty. The natural style of the braid makes hair look even bigger. Try curling your hair before styling to add even more volume.
5. Double braid bun
This messy braided bun is simple and classic. Pulling the braids wide all the way through the bun will give your hair more volume. Try teasing the top of your hair before braiding to make the crown look more voluminous too.
6. Braided top knot
This style is a great way to gussy up a lazy hairstyle. Bun, meet braid. This is a cute style for hitting the library for a late night study session or for a night out with the girls. Fluff up your hair pre braid by teasing it with a comb.
7. Four-strand dutch braid (h/t More)
Adding an extra strand to the traditional Dutch braid helps thicken up the final result. The pretty weaved look is pulled together. You can leave the ends out in a ponytail, or tuck them away for a pretty updo.
8. Pull through braid (h/t Love Hairstyles)
While this isn't your traditional braid, the result is stunning. It's simple to make your hair look thicker by pulling apart the braided areas a touch.
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