Master the art of putting on false lashes with these 7 hacks and tips

Let's face it. False lashes can be downright difficult to master. If you've ever jumped right in on a big night and tried to apply them, chances are pretty good that you ended up frustrated and completely unhappy with the outcome.
Thankfully, beauty experts have shared their tips and tricks for getting a flawless application. You still need to be patient, but these seven tips will make the process simpler and the results much more appealing.
Trim to fit beforehand
As tempted as you are to grab the glue and get started, take a minute to ensure the lash fits your eye. Chances are, it's too long straight out of the package. You can also cut the lashes into multiple sections, which prevents them from lifting during the day. Get the full tutorial here.
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Add a curve before applying
When you take your lashes out of the package, they won't have the most natural shape. You can create a better shape by wrapping them around a makeup brush a few minutes before applying them. Get the full tutorial here.
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Apply the center first
If you're using a full strip, you need to set the lashes in the center. Apply a little pressure for 10 to 15 seconds, and press on each end to finish. Get the full tutorial here.
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Get the glue right
Patience is definitely in order when applying false lashes, so give the glue a few seconds to get tacky before applying. The stickier the glue, the better the bond.
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See how a flat tabletop mirror can help
Getting your lashes in place while staring straight ahead is virtually impossible, but they go on a lot easier when you're looking down. Simply lay your mirror on a flat surface, and your eyes will already be partially closed.
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