10 super simple but good looking braids for the lazy girl

I remember back when all I could do was just the standard braid, but thanks to beauty bloggers and YouTube channels for hair, I have really stepped up my hair game.
You don't have to be a master stylist to create gorgeous braids, and you certainly don't need a ton of time, so hit the snooze button and get a few more Z's before you wake up and conquer these easy braided hairstyles.
1. Pull through side braid (h/t Missy Sue)
This style has all the luxury of a braid without actually being one. That's right -- this braid is a fake but it's completely gorgeous and so easy to do.
2. Boho twist (h/t Hair Romance)
Braids are a great look, especially when you're after an boho beachy vibe. This is a quick and easy braided hairstyle that you can do in a snap, thanks to a tool that helps create twists.
3. Super easy braid ponytail (h/t Life of Megan and Liz)
The braided ponytail looks like a very complex style, but when you have a video showing you how to create it step by step, it is not that difficult. Just watch this video and see how it's done.
4. Multiple braided ponytail (h/t Annies Forget Me Knots)
Once you have mastered a one braid ponytail, try doing multiple braids. If you can do one, you can do them all. This is also a great hairstyle for days when you haven't had time to wash your hair.
5. French rope braid (h/t Alex Gaboury)
This is a classy yet easy updo look that features a gorgeous braid framing one side of your face. Remember this one for the next time you need a fancy but quick hairstyle.
6. Twisted crown braid (h/t Twist Me Pretty)
Every girl deserves to feel like a princess. Although you may not have a crown of jewels, you can braid your hair into a gorgeous crown that will look stunning for any day of the week.
7. Braided headband (h/t Im Ashley Hello)
If crowns aren't your thing, you might be more of a headband type of girl. This gorgeous braided headband keeps your hair out of your eyes and will keep you looking on your game. It's so easy to do, but people will assume you spent hours in front of the mirror.
8. Easy fishtail braid (h/t Kailey Melissa)
A fishtail is one of the braids that looks very complex and that it takes some serious skill to weave. This couldn't be further from the truth. Fishtails are actually quite easy if you can follow a few simple instructions.
9. 2-minute rope braid (h/t The Freckled Fox)
You can't beat a braid that takes only tw0 minutes to create. This kind of braid is my favorite -- gorgeous and super easy to do.
10. French braid (h/t Jenny Delish)
You can't go wrong with a classic look, and that's exactly what a French braid is. I used to think this hairstyle was so hard to do, but it's quite simple. And it works equally well for workouts or going out on the town.
Resources Missy Sue
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