10 stunning ways to achieve the perfect ombre

There is nothing like spending hours on Pinterest or Instagram looking at all the beautiful hair styles out there and one of my favorites is the ombre look. I have had a few bad experiences myself with dying my hair ombre. Let's just say, I wore a hat for a period of time.
Keep your hat on the shelf and follow these tips for achieving the perfect ombre.
1. Decide what style you're after
Before you even begin to think about picking up hair dye or heading to the salon, you must decide what type of ombre effect you want. There are two styles — traditional or reverse. Traditional is where you have the darker color on your roots and the lighter color on your tips. The reverse is vice versa.
2. Take into consideration the hair color you presently have.
Ombre isn't going to look the same on all hair colors. If you presently have darker hair, you can certainly do ombre, you might just need to do a little research. Here's a great video to get you started.
3. Don't be afraid to go with bright colors.
Some of the best looking ombre hair actually have a pop of pink or some other bright color. Try experimenting and stepping out of your comfort shell, you might end up with a whole new look to fall in love with.
4. Tone, tone, tone.
Tone. I say it one more time because this is SUPER important. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they forget toner and that's when you end up with that terrible orangey-brassy shade. Nobody wants that!
5. Get a trim before going ombre
Getting an ombre dye job is far more damaging than just a straight dye job because they use bleach to lighten and remove pigment. It also puts a lot of focus on the tips of your hair and that's why it's wise to get a trim before you dye the hair. If you have really long hair, you should definitely get a trim.
6. Make sure your color transitions nicely
Harsh lines are not your friend and having a definite line from where the hair goes from dark to light, is not a good look for anyone. Make sure that your stylist (or yourself, if you are dying at home) fades the color nicely so that it's a soft transition.
7. Make sure that your hair is ready
By this I mean, make sure that your hair is at the right stage for a dye job. You should not start an ombre treatment on freshly washed hair. It's best if you haven't washed your hair for one or two days. You want to let your natural oils build up so that they protect the hair from the harsh effects of the bleach.
8. Backcombing should be done
Before beginning, you should always backcomb your hair. This lifts the hair off itself and helps to prevent bleeding onto other sections.
9. Section off your hair
If you're going to do your dye job yourself, make sure you section off your hair. If you try and do your hail all at once in one big swoop, you're going to end up with an ombre effect that looks very unnatural.
10. Spend some time looking at different styles
There are thousands of different style and color combos out there for an ombre dye job so before you go picking up your dye make sure you have taken some time to look around and decide what you really want. You could even match it to your favorite drink!

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