Cut up your false lashes packaging for the coolest makeup hack you've ever seen

Eye makeup is a grownup's playground. So many choices to make. So many looks to create. In a lot of ways, some things still apply, but if you're unfamiliar with terms like "cut crease" and "waterline, " then learning a new look may be an uphill battle.
To make things a little easier, here are some tricks for creating those looks as well as some reminders about application in general. Some of these are pure genius!
1. Refresh your understanding of all things eye
You may know the basics when it comes to applying eye makeup, but what the heck are those vloggers referring to when they talk about the waterline? Is it different than the lower lashline? Actually, it is, and it helps to refresh your memory if it's been a while since you attempted a new look.
2. "Listen" to your color chart
We're all attracted to certain colors, and occasionally we pick a few that just aren't flattering. But when it comes to eye shadow, you really can't go wrong if you stick with the tried and true basics that apply to your specific eye color. Just remember to apply the darkest shade either up against the lash line or in the outer corner.
3. Embrace the classics
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, it's important to keep the color application order in mind. Light shadows attract attention and open your eye, while darker shades are often used to emphasize shape. If you're using multiple shades, save the medium color for your crease area and follow the guidelines below.
4. Cut crease spoon hack
In the land of YouTube videos, this one started the spoon hack rolling. Begin by applying your base neutral color just to the lid. Then, using a teaspoon as a template, apply your crease colors above the spoon, taking care not to let the spoon move back and forth. While not the easiest technique out there, it works for those of us with less than steady hands.
5. Simplified cut crease with template
When the cut crease look became popular, all kinds of hacks showed up. This one reduces the concealing step by using false eyelash packaging as a template for the concealer. Simply fill in your highlight and transition shade, apply concealer to the plastic form, and press against your eye. Follow up with powder shadow to set. Simple, huh?
6. Apply a white base underneath to intensify any color
You know how colors sometimes look brighter in the pan than they do on your eyes? That's partly because your natural coloring is altering the shade when you apply it. To get the most intense shade, lay down a white base coat before brushing on your shadow. The difference will surprise you.
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