Makeup hacks that will change your life

YouTube is filled with videos of makeup vloggers testing out rumored hacks for everything from lengthening lashes to storing treasured supplies. And no matter how many videos already exist, fans keep requesting new ones.
Whether you're a novice or a well-seasoned makeup fan, there's always room for new knowledge. Up your makeup game with these fun tricks for your face and even your tools.
1. DIY "fiber" treatment for lashes
Fiber lash mascara makes lashes look fuller, longer and darker. The downside: the cost. YouTube vloggers have been hacking this technique by swirling a spoolie on a cotton pad, then applying it to lashes between coats of lashes. Looks workable, but contact lens wearers may want to opt out of this one.
2. Contour with blush
If blush scares you, think of it as a kiss of life for your cheeks as well as your brow bone and temples. It mimics blood circulation, so opt for a natural shade — not that bright berry you bought on a whim — for the best results.
3. Don't overdo your brows
One of the quickest ways to attract unwanted attention is to over-accentuate your brows. Choose a product with a thin, hair-like applicator or a very skinny brow pencil, then tread lightly by applying ultra-fine strokes.
4. Highlight without looking oily
The highlighter craze may have you in a tizzy, especially if you have oily skin. Never fear. Simply grab a concealer that's one to two shades lighter than your skin tone or foundation, and apply it sparingly to your upper cheekbone, brow arches, and temples. Voila! All the light without the oily sheen.
5. Look more alert with two-toned eyeliner
While basic black always looks classic, your eyes can look smaller if you're using it all the way around. Try using a nude or pale pink liner on your waterline. The combination of light and dark will make your eyes look more open.
6. Fake a few freckles
No one saw this trend coming, but fake freckles have been showing up all over the place. No youthful dots? No problem. Create a few with a neutral brown eye pencil, and scatter them across your nose and cheeks. Just be sure to blur the edges a bit with your finger or a makeup sponge to make them look believable.
7. Create a lip stain with liquid liner
Need all-day lips? Grab your favorite liquid lip liner, and use it on your entire lip surface. The color will last infinitely longer than your favorite lipstick.
8. Organize your brushes
Makeup rolls are expensive, but if you don't want to keep yours on the counter, you can make one at home. Just grab a sushi rolling mat, some wide elastic and your glue gun. Simple, effective, and cheap.