7 brilliant tips for the perfect winged eyeliner

Have you ever wondered how in the world some women get that perfect winged eyeliner look? You're not alone. After many failed attempts and one too many pokes in the eye, it can be enough for anyone to give up.
But fear not. Getting that sought-after winged effect can actually be quite easy if you know the right techniques. We've rounded up some of the best tips and advice from beauty bloggers and have put them together in a super informative guide so you, too, can create this sexy cat eye look.
Use a spoon (h/t Pampadour)
Have we got the hack for you: Spoons aren't just for enjoying ice cream anymore. Now they deserve a spot in your beauty kit. Watch this technique in action with the video below.
Use tape (h/t Popsugar)
Tape may have to be a new staple in your makeup drawer. Watch the following video tutorial to see how this office supply is used to beautify yourself and create the perfect winged effect.
Draw the "flick" first (h/t Miss Hanna Mae)
The video below encourages anyone new to the winged look to draw the "flick" first. Once that line is drawn, the rest falls into place.
Connect the dots (h/t Eimer McElheron)
The video tutorial below uses a super simple dotting technique to create the perfect winged look. You can incorporate colored eyeliner in addition to black with this technique.
Use a cotton swab
We all make mistakes, so don't fret. This video shows how a cotton swab can be your best friend, helping fine-tune the edges of winged eyeliner.
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