10 makeup tricks that make your morning that much easier

We all have busy mornings where no amount of coffee can make your routine go by faster and those extra five minutes of sleep are too precious to pass up. When you have a full day of work ahead, stress should be the last thing on your mind and you need a morning routine that serves as a carefree pamper session. Regardless of whether you're pressed for time or have hours to primp and prune, there are numerous ways to ensure your morning routine goes by smoothly.
Beauty certainly isn't the most important aspect of a person, but it's natural to want to look and feel our best. Having a fresh face of makeup can certainly give you the confidence boost you need to tackle the rest of your day, but that doesn't mean you want to spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror. Luckily, we have ten tips for you that will make your morning routine that much easier so you can be out the door and ready for whatever lies ahead.
1. Moisturize overnight with a hydrating mask.
If the thought of having to do a full skin care routine is daunting when you know you're about to be layering on makeup, vamp up your night routine instead. Just like picking out your outfit the night before so as not to have to worry about scrambling around the next day, a hydrating night mask can set your morning routine off on the right foot. Not only will you have a soft, smooth surface to work with, but hydrating your skin overnight will also give your face a pick-me-up in ways your morning coffee can't.
2. Organize your makeup collection.
You may be the type that loves to collecting products and yet you still throw them all together in a makeup bag. Instead of rifling through a jumbled up mess, desperately searching for a specific shade of lipstick or your favorite mascara, organize your makeup so you never have to dump all your products into the sink in frustration. There are many great makeup cases online with organizational pockets or you can even use storage bins or drawers. Whatever you decide to use, organize your products in a way that best serves you whether that's by color, product type, or the area it's applied.
3. Choose products that are multipurpose.
Not only can some products be used in a variety of ways when you've forgotten to pack something and are in a pinch, but many are made specifically with functionality in mind, such as tinted moisturizers. Reach for a rosy-tinted cream that will look stunning when swiped over the cheeks, lips, and eyes. Using only your fingers and your favorite highlighter is also a great way to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes and make you appear more awake.
4. Skip the contour and go for a light bronzed look.
A contour can certainly make you appear fierce for a girls night out on the town, but for most days, a glowy bronzed is all you need. Grab a bronzing powder and use a fan brush to sweep color onto your cheekbones, hairline, and the sides of your nose. This can take no time at all and will instantly give you a sun kissed look and add some much-needed color.
5. Find a tinted lip balm that moisturizes and adds a pop of color.
Tinted lip balms are a great product to have in your makeup arsenal and can be easily thrown into a bag to apply on the go. Sometimes lipsticks can be a bit of hassle as you have to use a separate product to moisturize beforehand and applying lipstick can be a struggle to get even lines (not to mention the hassle of avoiding smudging while you eat.)
6. Save time by showering the night before.
When there's nothing you'd rather do than crawl into bed, showering is something you can easily talk yourself into putting off until the next day. When that alarm goes off in the morning, you'll instantly kick yourself for not showering the night before so you can savor that extra sleep. Freshly washed hair is harder to style so giving it time to settle for the next day will make your routine easier, especially if you braid damp hair for next day beachy waves. An added bonus: there's no better feeling than putting on fresh PJ's and curing into bed after a long hot shower.
7. Get yourself a nice, clean makeup sponge.
The makeup game was changed when these handy little tools hit the scene. If you've yet to use a beauty blender, do yourself a favor and pick up one now. They're cheaper than most makeup tools, and make blending a breeze. Dampen your beauty blender with water or your favorite face mist for easier blending and a nice dewy finish.
8. Put your eyeliner down and go straight for the mascara.
If you need a quick makeup look or your eyes are looking a bit tired, skip applying dark eyeliner around your lids. Instead, plump up your lashes with an eyelash curler and grab a voluminous mascara. Your eyes will brighten up and curling your lashes beforehand will help you avoid the need of applying multiple coats of mascara, saving you time and money.
9. If you can't skip your signature cat-eye look, avoid free-handing it.
The most seasoned of makeup professionals can have days where they struggle with this look. Even on good days, your cat eyes will most likely end up looking more like sisters than twins. Instead of having to clean up and reapply your eyeliner, hack your perfect cat-eye with a homemade stencil or apply tape for straight lines.
10. If showering in the morning, save blow drying your hair for last.
Go through your skin-care and makeup routine first, letting your hair air dry as much as possible. Not only is this better for your hair to avoid the extra heat, but it will be mostly dry by the time you finish your other tasks, meaning less time having to style your locks.
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