Amp up sparkly gold nails with neon triangles

Getting creative with nail art is a quick and simple way to change up a manicure. Geometric shapes, such as triangles, are really easy to draw. To make them look more like confetti, don't stress over getting them all the same exact size. Variety is what makes this look pop.
For this design, you'll need three neon gel colors. Neon yellow, orange and blue make a striking combination for a fun spring or summer look, but feel free to switch out the colors to suit your mood and wardrobe. These tiny triangles look especially playful against this glitzy gold backdrop.
- Pale pink gel nail polish
- Gold glitter gel polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Flat nail brush
- Fine-tipped nail brush
- Neon yellow gel paint
- Neon orange gel paint
- Neon blue gel paint
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of pale pink gel polish to nails and cure with an LED or UV lamp.
2. Apply a thin layer of gold glitter paint on each nail with the flat nail brush. Cure again with the UV or LED lamp.
3. Begin drawing two or three yellow triangles on each nail with the fine-tipped nail art brush. Fill in each triangle completely.
4. Repeat the process by drawing one or two orange triangles on each nail.
5. Use the blue nail paint to draw just the outline of a triangle on each nail. Leaving these triangles open gives the design more variety.
6. Cure one more time with the UV or LED lamp.
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