How to nail a bold yellow makeup look

Yellow is far from a classic makeup look, but it has been this season’s top trending color. Trendsetters from the silver screen, small screen and social media platforms have been wearing the shade at every social event. Are you ready to join the in-crowd? If cliques are not your cup of tea, that’s fine -- but take a chance anyway and branch out from your safe haven.
Anytime you’re dealing with an eye-catching shade like yellow, you want to color inside the lines as uneven edges are not super flattering. Be sure to correct any mistakes you make as you go along. This video shares some brilliant tips on how to make yellow makeup universally flattering.
- Blending brush
- Matte yellow eye shadow
- Matte goldenrod eye shadow
- Shimmery yellow eye shadow
- Flat brush
- Glitter
- Yellow liquid eyeliner
- Eyeliner brush
- Black and yellow mascara
- Highlighter
- Glitter glue
- Chunky glitter
- Yellow flower crown (optional)
1. Sheer the matte yellow eye shadow onto the creases of your eyelids.
2. Blend the matte goldenrod eye shadow onto the deepest part of the creases. Be sure to swirl the blending brush in small circles to achieve a thorough blend.
3. Pat the shimmery eye shadow onto each lid, and then use the flat brush to work the goldenrod eye shadow onto the lower lash lines.
4. Dab the glitter onto the inner corners of your eyes.
5. Apply yellow liquid eyeliner near the contours of your upper lash lines with the eyeliner brush.
6. Coat your upper lashes with black mascara, and then swipe a few layers of yellow mascara onto the lower lashes. Take your time to build the yellow layers so the hue really pops.
7. Add a dose of highlight onto your face and chest.
8. Tap glitter glue on your cheekbones, collarbone and shoulders. Next, apply chunky glitter over the aforementioned areas.
9. Complete the look by donning a yellow flower crown.
You look like a sunshine goddess!
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