How to apply a fresh spring makeup look

A fresh spring makeup look captures your feminine essence. As women, the ultimate goal of a perfect makeup look is to achieve an authentically natural physical appearance that spreads outward so you feel radiantly empowered, inspired and motivated to take on the day. The combination of the light and gentle eye makeup tones paired with a coat of mascara for your lashes to create that beautiful finish will leave you be ready to impress at a date or the office dinner party.
By using both the light blush matte eyeshadow and the Mac peach eyeshadow with the blending and flat brush, it’s all about focusing on incorporating light colors to highlight and brighten your inner eyes. The finishing touches of mascara will serve to create a unique bold look for your lashes. This spring makeup is the easiest and most effective way to bring out your natural beauty. The video tutorial and instructions can help you perfect a spring makeup look.
- Light blush matte eyeshadow
- Blending brush
- Pink shimmer eyeshadow
- Flat brush
- Highlighter
- Mac peach eyeshadow
- Mascara
Fierce League
1. Add some light blush matte eyeshadow in the crease area of your eye with the basic blending brush. Work in circles, brushing back and forth.
2. Add a pink shimmer to the brow bone for a natural eye lift with a flat brush
3. Pat the pink shimmer tone on your eyelid below the crease.
4. Add inner highlights to brighten the eye area.
5. With a flat brush, add a Mac peach eyeshadow in the lower lash line.
6. Add lots of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to highlight and brighten the inner eye.
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