How to wear a blue makeup look with confidence

Sorry minimalists, but the beauty forecast says color is in -- and the trend is sticking around for the foreseeable future. One statement color that is making a comeback this season is blue. This time around, the shade has undergone a modern makeover with deeper shades like navy and royal blue circulating around every beauty industry shindig.
Make no mistake about it, the shade blue is very wearable in real life. But for conservative occasions, a subtler shade of blue would be more appropriate. There are many ways to tone down bolder shades of makeup. For example: If you’re wearing bold eyeliner, minimize its intensity by pairing it with a neutral liner. Colorful makeup looks are not just for the editorial pages anymore! This video teaches you how to rock a blue makeup look with confidence.
- Blending brush
- Matte light blue eye shadow
- Robin’s egg blue eye shadow
- Matte navy eye shadow
- Flat synthetic brush
- Concealer
- Eyeliner brush
- Mascara
1. Sheer the matte light blue eye shadow onto the creases of each eyelid.
2. Next, swipe the robin’s egg blue eye shadow on top of the light blue shade -- be sure to swirl the hue to the outer corners of the lids as well.
3. Using the flat synthetic brush, dab concealer halfway onto your lids.
4. Blend the matte navy eye shadow onto the outer corners of each lid and blend thoroughly.
5. Work the matte navy eye shadow onto your lower lash lines with the eyeliner brush.
6. Apply a few coats of mascara onto the upper and lower lashes.
7. Diffuse your creases and lower lash lines to complete the look.
You pulled off that blue shade flawlessly!
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