How to paint fish scales on your nails

If you love of mermaids, then this fish scale design will make a splash with you! The nude and baby blue colors provide a soft and elegant look. The touch of gold gems adds a hint of gracefulness.
You’ll need a steady hand painting the tiny fish scales, so practice beforehand is always a good idea. Once you’re ready, the result will be worth the effort. This design is delicate and beautiful and will catch the attention of many admirers.
- Clippers, nail file, cuticle stick and buffer
- Nude nail polish
- Baby blue nail gel paint
- Clear nail flakes
- Small foam brush
- White nail gel paint
- Fine paintbrush
- Easy-off base coat
- Small gold gems
- Picker pencil
- Gel polish top coat
1. Take the time to prep your nails. Trim, file, nudge cuticles and buff up nails before washing and wiping clean.
2. Paint nails with a nude nail polish. Add a second coat. Allow drying time.
3. Paint a baby blue scale at the top of your nails with the fine paintbrush. The scale shape will look like the bottom half of a diamond – rounding at the top of your nail and coming to a point at the bottom. The baby blue scale should not go past the middle of your nail. Do this on each of your nail tips.
4. Dip the small foam brush into the clear nail flakes and dab the flakes onto each of the baby blue scales. See how the flakes give your nails a pretty shine?
5. Paint tiny scales inside the baby blue scale shapes. Dip the fine paintbrush into the white gel paint. With a steady hand, paint a half circle inside the scale shape at the bottom. Create another row on top by painting two more half circles, and so forth.
6. Continue the small rows until the baby blue scales are filled with tiny fish scales. Outline the baby blue scales with a white line on each side.
7. Add a dab of the Easy-off base coat at the bottom points of all the baby blue scales. Place a small gold gem on each point with the picker pencil.
8. Finish off by painting a final top coat of gel polish on all of your nails.
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