How to create an eye-brightening baby blue spring makeup look

Falling into a beauty rut becomes inevitable as the seasons change. Even if you have all the tools in your makeup arsenal to create a killer look, does a lack of motivation stifle your creativity? Fierce League’s beauty gurus heard your cries and have created a sprightly look to perk you right up! Get inspired and enliven your current routine with this baby blue spring makeup look.
When was the last time you actually dipped your eye shadow brush anywhere near the colors baby blue or periwinkle in your palette? If you find these light blue hues intimidating, try using them in small doses on your eyelids or against the contours of your upper and lower lash lines. The possibilities are endless once you decide to go for it.
- Blending brush
- Matte baby blue eye shadow
- Flat brushes
- Faux eyelashes
- Electric turquoise eyeliner
- Mascara
- Pink lipstick
1. Swipe the matte baby blue eye shadow onto the creases of each eyelid with the blending brush.
2. Use the flat brush to work the same eye shadow onto each lid.
3. Accentuate your eyes by placing faux eyelashes onto the upper lash lines.
4. Sweep the electric turquoise eyeliner onto your waterlines. Next, use another flat brush to blend the shade onto the lower lash lines.
5. Apply lots of mascara onto your lower lashes.
6. Finish off the look with a swipe of pink lipstick.
It looks like spring has finally sprung!
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