How to paint tiny cherries on your nails

Let's face it: Cherries are cute. There's just something about those bright red berries that puts a smile on our faces, and they're adorable for all ages and all seasons. Sure, they're sweet to eat, but you can have cherries every day when they're on your nails!
You may be nervous about painting nail art yourself, but don't worry -- you don't need an art degree or a flair for design to DIY your own creative cherry pattern and perk up your existing manicure. Invite your friends over for a cherry nail party!
-Nail file, clippers, buffer, cuticle stick
-Clear gel base coat
-White nail polish
-Red nail polish or nail art pen
-Thin, small detail brush
-Green nail polish or nail art pen
-Clear gel top coat
-Nail polish remover
1. Get your nails ready for juicy goodness by clipping them to their desired length, shaping them with a file, and pushing your cuticles down so you have plenty of painting space. Buff the surface of your nails for smooth polish application.
2. Paint on a clear gel base coat. This not only makes your nails stronger and less likely to break, but it gives the polish something to cling to and can make your designs last longer.
3. Use white nail polish to paint your nails, then allow the polish to dry.
4. Next, decide if you feel more confident drawing on your cherries with nail pens or small brushes. If you use a brush, you can do the cherries themselves with a dotting tool, which has a round nub on the end to create perfect circles. Just dip it into the red polish, remove the excess, and add the cherries wherever you like on your nails. You should be able to fit three cherry pairs on each nail.
5. Use the green pen or small brush and green polish to add the cherry stems, which look like an upside-down "V" on top of the berries. Allow your artwork to dry. If you mess up, don't worry! That's what nail polish remover is for.
6. Next, seal in your creation with a clear gel top coat to ensure your cherries don't rot too soon! Now enjoy the compliments and questions of "Where did you get your nails done?"
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