10+ super easy hair hacks to turn any bad hair day into a good one

Oh no! You forgot to set your alarm clock, and now you're rushing around to get ready for work or school. Let's face it, your hair looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie (and not in the good way). Read on to discover a few simple tricks to help you turn your bad hair day into a golden locks day.
You don't need a lot of fancy supplies or hours of styling time to make your hair look pretty, freshly washed, or just tame after a night of sleeping on one side of your head. Keep these easy hair hacks in mind, or share these hair hints with a girlfriend that struggles with her strands too!
1. Three ways to blow dry for volume
You don't have time to air-dry, and even though you hate using heat on your hair, you don't have a choice. But every gal knows that hair dryers make for limp locks. Watch the video for tips on how to pump up the volume while you blow dry.
2. Dry shampoo before bed
You know you're not going to wash your hair the next day because you have dry locks and you don't really need to or you won't have time. Since greasy locks aren't a good look for anyone, do yourself a favor and shoot some dry shampoo over your mane before you catch some zzz's.
This allows the shampoo to work its magic as you sleep, soaking up any oils overnight so you wake up with fresh hair that's ready to go. It's like hair voodoo!
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3. Tame flyaways with toothbrush and hairspray
You finally achieved the perfect ponytail! They should give out a medal for that. But what about those baby hairs escaping your smooth, polished pony? Don't let those babies get you down! Fight back and show them who's boss.
Simply spray a light layer of hairspray over your head and use a toothbrush to gently comb the hairs into place, creating ponytail perfection once more. Add a bit more hairspray to anchor the hairs in place before you head out the door. You look so polished you practically shine!
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4. Ponytail hacks
Your basic ponytail is looking pretty blah these days. Get that pony riding with some hair hacks you'll love -- you don't have to be a stylist to do them.
5. Braid wet hair before bed for easy curls
Feeling exhausted but want fancy hair for Friday's work meeting or after-work drinks with that cute colleague? You don't have to wake up super early for this style; in fact, feel free to push the snooze button!
Wash your hair as you normally would, then squeeze out the excess with a towel. Use a comb to divide each half of your hair evenly, then create braided pigtails on either side of your head. For looser waves, braid loosely. For tighter curls, pull the braids tighter. Use a tiny elastic that won't leave a bend in your hair to secure the braids. The next morning, unbraid and voila! Luscious curls. You're welcome, beautiful.
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6. Organize bobby pins in a Tic Tac container
Some of the many questions women repeat daily are "Where is my other sock?" or "How did I lose another hair tie?" and the ever-classic "Why can't I find any bobby pins when I just bought a pack last week?"
Guarantee you'll always have a pin at your fingertips with this easy hair hack. Fill an empty Tic Tac container with bobby pins and stash it in your bathroom or purse. Now you'll have hair pins on hand when you need them! It's like it was made for bobby pins!
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7. Three ways to curl your hair
Adding volume to your hair can make thin hair look bouncy, and curling it is probably the easiest way to do that. Here are three curly girl secrets to create the cutest curls around.
8. Use command hooks to hold hair tools
There's nothing worse than a drawer full of tangled-up hair tools. You don't have time to untangle your chi from your curling iron, and you really wanted to straighten your hair today. Help!
Command hooks to the rescue! These adhesive hooks are lifesavers for many around-the-house uses. Adhere them to the wall in your bathroom and hang your tools on them, or add them inside your cabinets so they're out of sight and out of the way. The best part? They won't leave a mark when you remove them. No more tangled cords! Oh, and they're super cheap too (leaving you more money for that new curling iron you've been eyeing).
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9. Store hair brushes and hair tools in a hanging shoe organizer
Most of us are slobs when it comes to our hair tools, combs, and brushes, which makes every morning feel like a Monday. Why not organize the mess and make life a little easier for your locks?
You know those shoe or sweater hangers you buy to hang over your closet door or on the closet rod? Hang one over your bathroom door and use the individual compartments for brushes, combs, and even hair elastics and bottles of product.
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10. Three ways to style grown-out bangs
Cutting bangs seemed like a great idea a few months ago, but you're starting to realize that they are a little too high-maintenance for your busy life. Bangs can look pretty weird when they grow out, so make the awkward transition as smooth as possible and get more bang for your buck.
11. Crimp your hair by flat-ironing a braid
If you didn't live through the '80s, chances are your mom or someone else you know did, and you know that crimping was THE hairstyle of the decade. Though you may have a hard time tracking down an actual crimping iron short of searching eBay, you can shortcut your own crimp and go back in time with this easy trick.
Braid dry hair into multiple small braids, then secure them with elastics. Heat up your flat iron and slowly slide each braid through it a few times. A smaller iron works best, but a large one will do too. After a few go-rounds, release the braids and you've got crimps of your own. Totally radical!
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12. Magic eraser straightener
Most of us forget to clean our hair tools and brushes, waiting until they're like something out of a horror movie to do so. If your flat iron has buildup on it, it's not going to work as well. If you find you can't get the product residue off yourself, turn to a well-known cleaning secret to get your chi clean again.
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