How to do a cherry accent nail with red and white polka dots

Accent nails are very "now." This trend is everywhere and so popular that you know there's nothing you can't do with accent nails. Why not use an accent color or accent pattern? Why not add glitter to your accent nails? In this delicious DIY, we'll show you how to dot your nails and add an accent bunch of ripe cherries.
The red in the cherries immediately grabs attention and gives your white, light-colored manicure just the right amount of color to make it pop. It's easy to do this yourself at home -- no technician is required! Just grab your tools of the trade and create a polka dot look with plenty of personality just like you!
-Nail clippers, file, buffer
-Gel base coat/clear coat
-Dotting tool
-White polish
-Red nail confetti
-Green polish or nail art pen
-Small brush
-Gel top coat
1. Start with clean, fresh and ready-to-paint nails. File them down to the appropriate size and shape, clean your claws and buff the surface so the polish goes on smooth without any lumps or bumps.
2. Add a clear gel coat to your nails and allow it to dry. This not only strengthens your nails, but it also makes them glossy and keeps your nail art looking spectacular for much longer.
2. Now, grab the dotting tool and some white polish. Carefully create three vertical rows of polka dots on each nail. Make the dots in the center larger than the other two rows of dots. The white polish really pops against your clear, shiny nails!
3. Select the nail you're going to accent with cherries. Using the dotting tool and the red nail confetti, carefully place two round dots of confetti cherries next to each other but far enough apart that you can see each specific dot.
4. Next, use either a green nail art pen or a small detail brush and green polish to create the cherry stems, which look like a "V' shape.
5. Finish the look with a clear top coat to lock in your manicure and give it an extra layer of glossy strength. Your nails look good enough to eat!
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