How to apply a forest green smokey eye

Have you noticed that green is the latest go-to color hitting the makeup market? Everything from bright lime to olive to forest green can now be found in the palettes of most major brands thanks to Pantone, which named "Greenery" as its shade of the year in 2017.
Autumn is the perfect time to try out a smokey look using this popular deep green shade. It looks great on just about every skin tone and is a welcome departure from the usual brown/black smokey combination. Don't worry about needing all the latest colors. Just add forest green to your existing neutrals, and you'll have a smokey look that's perfect for fall weather.
- Warm-toned matte eyeshadow
- Dark brown matte eyeshadow
- Forest green matte eyeshadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat eyeshadow brush
- Large fluffy powder brush
1. Begin by defining your crease with a warm matte eyeshadow in your choice of colors.
2. With your fluffy blending brush, deepen the crease by adding additional shadow in the same color or by using a slightly darker shade.
3. Apply dark brown shadow along the outer "V" and on top of your crease color. Don't forget to blend away any harsh edges.
4. Now, here comes the fun. Use your flat shadow brush to apply the forest green eyeshadow onto the lid in patting motions, then work it into the lower lash area. Blend once more with the fluffy blending brush to diffuse the look.
5. If you have any fallout below your eyes, simply whisk it away with your fluffy powder brush.
You're all done. A smokey eye with an autumn twist!
Stay pretty!
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