How to create a spring lavender makeup look

There's just something about spring that puts people in a kinder, gentler mood. Perhaps it's because tulips and lilies begin to bloom. Maybe it's the excitement of putting away heavy winter clothes. No matter the reason, spring makeup palettes often feature more shimmers and less neutral shades, which means it's time to liven up your makeup routine.
Lavender never falls out of favor, and this shimmery makeup look captures the spirit of the season in an innocent way. In the following video tutorial, you'll find everything you need for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Get ready to embrace the soft and subtle side of this trending shade.
- Matte lavender eye shadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Matte plum eye shadow
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Lavender shimmer eye shadow
- Black mascara
- Shimmery pink or plum-toned blush
- Fluffy blush brush
- Shimmery pink or plum-toned lip color
1. Apply matte lavender eye shadow to the crease of the eye with a fluffy blending brush.
2. Create more definition by deepening the crease with matte plum eye shadow.
3. For the lid, pat the shimmery lavender shadow on with a flat eye shadow brush.
4. Pat a small amount of the same shade in the inner corner to bring light to the eyes.
5. Gently brush the same lavender shimmer below the lower lash line as well.
6. Apply mascara to both the top and lower lashes.
7. With a fluffy blush brush, sweep a shimmery blush in a pink or plum-toned shade on the cheeks.
8. Fill in your lips with a matching lip color to keep the look cohesive.
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