How to do special effects vampire makeup

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be struggling to come up with a new costume idea. Never fear! We have a vampire makeup tutorial that will get you ready in no time. Most special effects makeup requires purchasing a variety of products you probably won't use year-round. Not this one!
Looking like a member of the undead really only requires buying a professional grade adhesive to keep your brows under wraps. Some videos suggest using glue stick, but this is your face we're talking about, so stick to the materials the pros use. This look also includes colored contact lenses, but it's almost as scary without them, so those are optional.
Ready to release your inner vampire? Watch our tutorial to see how it all comes together.
- Pros-Aide Adhesive
- Disposable mascara wand
- Orange color corrector
- Translucent setting powder
- Concealer
- Foundation in a pale shade
- Black eyebrow gel
- Black, red and grey matte eye shadow
- Red contact lenses, optional
- False lashes and glue
- Blush
- Dark lipstick
- Shimmer highlight powder
- Plastic fangs
- Brushes: eye shadow, angled liner, fluffy powder brush, blush brush and lip brush
1. Apply Pros-Aide Adhesive to your brows using a disposable mascara wand, then tap lightly to ensure your brow hairs are flat.
2. Once the adhesive sets, powder over your brows with setting powder.
3. Now it's time to hide those brows. Cover them with orange color corrector to mask your natural color. Tip: If your hair is very light, you may be able to skip this step.
4. Once the corrector dries, powder again.
5. Apply pale-toned foundation over your brows, then add concealer as well.
6. Now you need to cover up that healthy skin with full coverage foundation in the same pale shade you applied to your brows. Add concealer anywhere there's still a touch of "life" in your skin.
7. Set your work using setting powder and a fluffy brush.
8. Use your original brows as a guide for applying black eye shadow to your crease.
9. Apply red eye shadow to the lid. Tip: You can apply this with a wet brush to increase the intensity or use a product like Inglot's Duraline to give the lid a more noticeable finish.
10. Use your grey eye shadow to blend the top of your crease, and then apply black shadow to your lower lash line.
11. Remember those brows you erased? Draw new ones with a high pointy arch using black eye gel and an angled brush.
12. Use a dark blush for your cheeks, and then apply your black eyeshadow to create hollows under your cheeks, on your temples and along the sides of your nose.
13. Apply highlighter in a pale shade above and below your cheekbones, on your Cupid's bow, along the bridge of your nose and on your chin.
14. Dust your face with setting powder and blend away the excess with a fluffy brush.
15. Finish those eyes with a set of false lashes and some scary red contact lenses.
16. Give your lips the finishing touch with dark lipstick, preferably black or blackened red, and insert your fangs.
You are dark, dangerous and definitely attention-worthy. Enjoy your evening!
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