How to do iridescent nails with bling

A pretty manicure will always help you make a good first impression, but sometimes you want just a bit more ... bling! If you've never used iridescent nail powder, then this is an easy way to get started. The powder imparts a gorgeous color-shifting glow to your nails and comes in a variety of colors.
The bling depends on your mood and personal style. This tutorial keeps the base coat pale and opts for two different sized nail gems to give the look a truly customized effect. You can use any colors you like; just be sure to pick up a nonwipe gel top coat to seal in the powder. Nail art, here we come.
- Nonwipe gel top coat
- UV lamp
- Iridescent nail powder
- Sponge applicator
- Orly Gel FX easy off base coat
- Nail gems
- Wax nail rhinestone picker pencil
1. Apply one coat of nonwipe gel top coat to nails and cure under a UV lamp for 30 to 40 seconds.
2. Dip the sponge applicator into the iridescent nail powder and rub over each nail until fully covered.
3. Seal in the powder with another coat of nonwipe gel top coat and cure once more.
4. Apply a small drop of Orly Gel FX easy off base coat near your cuticle, and add the nail gems by using the picker pencil.
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