How to do ice cream designs on your nails

With bright colors and fun toppings, ice cream becomes the ideal inspiration for a manicure. These foolproof nails are a good starting point if you are a beginner with nail art because the dripping appearance and the randomly placed sprinkles mean you don't have to aim for perfection for them to look good.
The best part about this nail design is that it is fun and playful without being over the top, thanks to the muted colors used. Want to get super creative? Try re-creating your favorite ice cream flavor.
- Light brown nail polish
- Dotting tool
- Pink nail polish
- Nail polish brush
- White nail polish
- Turquoise nail polish
- Clear top coat
1. Paint all your nails with light brown nail polish and allow the polish to dry.
2. Create drip-like shapes using a dotting tool that start at the tip of each of your nails and extend downward using pink nail polish. Allow the pink polish to dry.
3. Add small lines of white and turquoise nail polish on top of the pink polish using a thin nail polish brush. These little lines should resemble sprinkles.
4. Allow the white and turquoise polish to dry.
5. Apply a clear top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design. Allow the top coat to dry.
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