How to do roses on your nails

Romance and roses really go hand in hand. An ideal date night nail design, these rose nails exude flirty vibes. Although painting roses may sound difficult, these flowers are made using simple shapes, making this an easy design to recreate.
By not using a base nail polish, the sole focus of these nails is on the roses. If you want soft and pretty vibes, stick with pink polish for the flowers. Want to try a bolder look? Swap out the pink for red polish instead.
- Dark pink nail polish
- Nail polish brush
- Light pink nail polish
- Green nail polish
- Clear top coat
1. Paint blob-like shapes onto the tips of your nails using dark pink nail polish. Aim for two or three blobs per nail.
2. Swirl light pink nail polish into the dark pink blobs. This will mimic the look of petals.
3. Paint small teardrop shapes next to each rose using green nail polish. These shapes should resemble leaves.
4. Allow both the roses and the leaves to dry.
5. Apply a clear top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design. Allow the top coat to dry thoroughly.
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