How to use a flat eye shadow brush

Are you ready to unlock the secret of flat eye shadow brushes? Then read on to learn how to use these beauty tools to create a defined and sexy eye shadow look. You'll need three sizes of flat eye shadow brush to get this perfect eye.
Select a large flat eye shadow brush, a smaller flat eye shadow brush and a square flat brush meant for applying detail. You'll also need your favorite eye shadow palette. Once you've gathered your supplies, watch the following video to learn what to apply and where.
- Three flat eye shadow brushes in small, medium and large
- Eye shadow primer
- Concealer
- Blending brush
- Eye shadow palette
1. Apply primer to your eyelid with the large brush. This will help grip your eye shadow and keep your makeup wearing longer.
2. Using the same brush, apply concealer under your eyes. This brush will help you apply the coverage you need.
3. Blend the crease color into your crease with a blending brush.
4. Apply a shimmery or matte eye shadow below your crease color with the medium flat eye shadow brush using smaller strokes for even coverage.
5. Using the same brush, apply either the same tone or a different one on your lashline, sweeping from side to side.
6. With a small flat eye shadow brush meant for details, swipe a darker shade on your lash line from side to side. You can also do this along your lower lash line. This gives definition and the illusion of fuller lashes.
Now you've mastered the use of flat eye shadow brushes to perfect your eye makeup. The flat eye shadow brush is one of the most versatile makeup brushes you can have in your bag, so stock up on this essential tool.
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