How to paint pineapples on your nails

Feelin' a beachy vibe? Daydreaming of a tropical vacation? Well, if you can't escape to paradise, you can certainly bring a little island fun to your day with these cute pineapple nails. They look complicated, but this step-by-step video will help you learn how to do them quickly.
Because you'll be creating 10 miniature works of art, you want the little fruity design to last a long time. We chose gel polish to provide you a beautiful result that lasts and lasts. For this look, you'll need multiple colors, especially a really vibrant yellow. Make sure you cure the base and top coats for best results.
- Pink gel nail polish
- Yellow gel nail polish
- Gold gel nail polish
- Dark green gel nail polish
- Light green gel nail polish
- Small brush for detail work
- Dotting tool
- Clear gel nail polish for top coat
1. Before applying color, make sure your nails are clean and oil-free.
2. Apply one to two coats of pink polish, curing in between coats for 30 seconds.
3. Use a small brush to create a half-oval at the tip of your nail with the yellow polish.
3. Next, draw diagonal lines across the yellow with the gold polish.
4. Using the dotting tool and the gold polish, put a single dot in the middle of each square.
5. Create three leaves on the top of the pineapple with the dark green polish. (Be sure to leave a little space between each one.)
6. Add light green leaves in between the dark green leaves.
7. Apply the clear top coat and let it cure once more.
Voila! Ten mini pineapples.
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