How to do a grapefruit nail design

Your nail tech may give you amazing manicures and helpful for special occasions when you want to splurge, but when you're watching your budget, every penny counts. Your nails, however, can still look like they cost a mint. Inspired by one of our favorite fruits, these fun and whimsical nails are easy for everyone.
Squeeze the last drop out of summer with these fruity and fun nails, and you can even change the colors to suit your mood or match a certain outfit. Try to choose long-lasting colors, and always use a base and top coat to ensure these grapefruit nails stay fresh.
- Nail file
- Clippers
- Cuticle tool
- Base coat and top coat (typically clear)
- Pink nail polish
- Yellow nail polish
- White nail polish
- Small nail brush or paintbrush
1. Make sure your nails are clean, filed into the shape you desire and trimmed to the proper length. Gently push cuticles back. If you're using fake nails, you can skip this step and apply the artificial nails as directed.
2. Add a base coat to give the polish something to cling to and ensure a longer-lasting manicure. Allow it to dry.
3. Paint nails with any shade of pink, though a lighter shade will work best for this design. Two coats should do the trick.
4. Put the brush in the yellow polish and draw a half moon shape at the base of your nail right above the cuticle.
5. Outline the curve of the half moon with a thin line of white polish using a very small brush.
6. Create lines inside of the half moon to create the look of grapefruit wedges using the white polish and the small brush.
7. Brush on a clear top coat and allow the nails to dry.
Now you have 10 juicy, delicious grapefruits right at your (literal) fingertips. Keep summer close all year with this whimsical look.
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