How to clean your brushes using olive oil and shampoo

Did you know that you can make your own version of brush cleaner from products in your cabinet? There's no need to spend extra money on brush cleaners if you have shampoo and olive oil in your home. Olive oil will keep bristles soft and supple while the shampoo will work to clarify and remove product buildup.
Watch this short video to learn the trick for making a DIY brush cleaner. Cleaning your brush has never been easier, and it will help keep makeup applications smooth and bacteria-free. Gather shampoo and olive oil and prepare to get squeaky clean.
- Small bowl
- Olive oil
- Shampoo
1. In the small bowl, mix one part olive oil and one part shampoo with the dirty makeup brush.
2. Once the product is well-mixed and the brush is saturated, swirl it on the palm of your hand and work all the way up to the handle.
3. Rinse out the brush bristles.
4. Squeeze excess product and shampoo out of the brush in a way that will maintain the original shape of the brush.
5. Lay out the brush on the edge of the sink.
The brush bristles will be soft, clean and supple after using these two products together. Make sure you rinse your brush regularly to prevent buildup.
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