How to apply faux freckles

With summer coming to an end, make sure you don't lose that sun-kissed glow you've been rocking for the past few months. One way to keep up the appearance of having just been to the beach is to show off your freckles. Don't have natural freckles? No problem.
You can sport a cute cluster of freckles all year long, and it takes less than a minute to apply them. All you'll need to make this happen is an eyeshadow palette with the appropriate colors and a thin brush. So grab your supplies and check out the instructions and short video.
- Thin-tipped eyeliner brush
- Warm brown matte eyeshadow
- Neutral brown matte eyeshadow
1. Dip the thin-tipped eyeliner brush into a warm brown matte eyeshadow.
2. Lightly tap the brush onto your nose and cheeks to create freckles. Apply various amounts of pressure to ensure that the freckles are all different sizes, giving them a more natural look.
3. Dip the brush into a neutral brown matte eyeshadow and repeat step 2. Also add a few of the neutral-colored freckles to your forehead.
4. Gently dab the new freckles with your fingers to make them appear soft and natural.
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