How to do unicorn glitter

Want to raise your glitter game in time for a summer festival or mermaid pool party? Here are two words for you: unicorn glitter. This trend involves chunky, noticeable prismatic glitter in stars, circles and hexagons applied to your cheeks, eyes and other places. This is a trend to absolutely love.
Watch this short video to get the details right for applying this trendy glitter look. You'll turn every head at the festival with your next-level highlight. Get your favorite loose chunky glitter and transform ordinary makeup into extraordinary makeup.
- Chunky loose glitter
- Skin-friendly glitter glue
1. Squeeze glitter glue onto a mirror or makeup palette.
2. Dip your fourth finger into the glue and dab onto cheekbone in a C shape. Start under the corner of your eye and swoop up over the end of your brow.
3. Take the same finger and dip it into the loose glitter. Carefully dab in the same C shape so the glitter transfers to the glue.
4. Dab on more glitter wherever you like, making the look as thick as you desire.
5. Repeat on the other side to complete the look.
Tip: You should use your fourth finger for applications because it's your weakest finger. You're less likely to pull at the delicate skin around your eyes, which can cause premature wrinkles and crow's feet.
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