How to create freckles using self tanner

Few things are as playful looking as a face full of freckles. Oddly enough, though, many people who have them cover them up whereas others look for ways to fake 'em instead of relying on the sun's damaging rays to bring that pigment to the surface.
If you've tried applying faux freckles with an eye liner pencil or even eye shadow, you know it can be difficult to get a realistic shape. With that in mind, this tutorial uses, of all things, a mascara wand and self tanner to achieve a perfectly imperfect look. This sunless freckling technique requires just a few steps, so check out the tutorial and get your freckle on.
- Makeup wipes or cleanser
- Self tanner
- Plate or metal makeup palette
- Clean disposable mascara wand
- Damp beauty sponge
1. Ensure that your face is entirely clean. You can wash your face with a favorite cleanser or use a makeup wipe to prep it.
2. Squeeze self tanner onto a clean plate or makeup mixing palette.
3. Dip the mascara wand into the self tanner and apply it to your upper cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your forehead as desired.
4. To diffuse those freckles, dab the damp beauty sponge over them to make sure they are pressed into the skin. (Don't rub or you'll smear your artistry.)
5. Add more freckles as needed.
You're all done, and your temporary freckles should last three to four days.
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