How to find a highlighter that compliments your undertone

Have you ever opened a brand new highlighter palette, eager to try all the shades? You may find out pretty quickly that all the shades in that palette don't work with your complexion. In fact, all the shades in a highlight palette aren't meant to be worn by one person- instead, they're produced to match a variety of skin tones.
Watch our video for a must-have makeup tip on picking the right shade to match your complexion. You'll be shinin' bright in no time. All you need is your favorite palette and a fan brush!
-Highlighter Palette
-Fan Brush
1. Pick up your favorite fan brush to apply your highlighter. This brush is one of the best for highlight powder applications, as it disperses the powder lightly and evenly.
2. Look closely at your highlighter palette. If you have pale skin, the darker bronze shades may make your skin look muddy. If you have a darker complexion, lighter shades may show up as white.
3. Do a test patch of highlighter on the inside of your wrist to get an idea of your match. If it looks natural and glowy, it's time to apply!
4. Picking up some highlight powder with your brush, lightly sweep it along the top of your cheekbones and anywhere the sunlight might catch your face from above. Highlight powder looks best just under the eyes, on top of the eyebrows, nose, and chin.
There you have it -- you're glowy and fresh-faced with a subtle highlight. Tip: So you don't waste the shades of highlight you won't be using, consider layering them over your makeup as eyeshadow to brighten your eyes!
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