How to choose the proper brush for a powder highlight

Just when it seems like your brush collection is complete, you buy a product that requires a different applicator. Highlighter requires precision, so you need a brush that won't pick up too much product or deposit it in areas that you didn't intend to highlight.
A small fan brush makes a great addition to your brush collection. The tip should be very narrow, which will help you place your highlight right on top of your cheekbones. A fan brush also makes quick work of sweeping away excess powder or eyeshadow fallout, so the investment is worth it.
- Foundation and blush, if using
- Fan brush
- Highlighting powder
1. Begin by applying your foundation and letting it dry thoroughly.
2. Next, apply your blush in a "C" shape by sweeping the color along the top of the cheek and along the temple. This gives you a guide to place your highlighter properly.
3. With the fan brush, pick up some highlighting powder and sweep it onto the cheek bones. Tip: You can always add more, so go easy at first and build to the desired effect.
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