How to stick to your T-zone

As the day wears on, one of the worst makeup enemies tends to appear – an oily shine. Especially on hot days, your look can go from a healthy glow to a brilliant disco ball in just a few short minutes. It's not the end of the world, however. With just a simple trick, you can dab away oil and return your face to a fresh matte look.
Watch the short video to find out how to remove the shine from your face. A few strategic dabs of your favorite finishing powder in these important spots will have you fresh-faced again in no time.
- Matte finishing powder
- Medium powder brush
1. Open the finishing powder and shake a liberal amount into the overturned cap.
2. Swirl the medium-sized powder brush around, picking up a coating of powder. Don't be afraid to pick up more than you think you need; you can always blend it out easily.
3. Apply the finishing powder with gentle taps to your T-zone. This is under your eyes, nose, upper lip and chin. (In other words, where your face tends to get oiliest.)
With just a few dabs of a matte finishing powder, that pesky oil sheen will disappear. Tip: Use a smaller brush for this powder application as it will help provide spot control with more accuracy.
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