How to use finishing spray

Did you know that applying setting powder isn't the last step you can take to make sure your makeup stays in place and shine-free all day long? Although setting powder on the T-zone, smile lines and spots that tend to become oily do a great job to minimize shine, there's one other secret weapon – finishing spray.
A finishing spray (or setting spray as it's sometimes called) is the final step after powder application. It grabs the product and sets it firmly so it won't rub off, melt or smear. Watch this short video to find out just how to apply this must-have product.
- Setting powder
- Powder brush
- Finishing spray
1. Tap out some of the setting powder and apply it to your T-zone, smile lines and trouble spots with the powder brush. This will give a matt finish to your face and get rid of an oily sheen.
2. Holding the finishing spray 6 to 12 inches away from your face, gently spritz over your entire face. Make sure the canister is far enough away that it comes out as a fine mist rather than a forceful squirt.
3. Wait a few moments for the finishing spray to dry.
That's all there is to it. Your makeup is locked into place, and you'll be fresh-faced for hours. Tip: Select a finishing spray that comes out as an aerosol mist if you can. Regular spray nozzles can spray droplets that streak makeup.
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