Applicator tool you should not be using when applying pressed powder

When the weather is humid, it can be tough to keep makeup in place. Extra moisture in the air inevitably finds its way to your skin and mixes with its natural oils. When this happens, a liquid or cream foundation can "break," meaning the color and the liquid binder separate, leaving you with an uneven finish.
This also happens when skin is naturally oily, but you can keep makeup looking fresher longer by applying powder over it. Whether you use pressed powder (in a compact) or loose powder in a jar, you need the right tool. Even though your product may have come with an applicator puff or sponge, don't use it. You'll get the best results from a fluffy powder brush instead. This video shows the right tool for the job so you'll be ready to tackle your day.
- Pressed or loose powder
- Fluffy powder brush
1. Apply base makeup as usual, and wait a few minutes to allow it to dry. This is important because adding powder right on top of damp foundation can lead to a cakey result.
2. Pick up some powder with the brush. To make sure you don't have too much product on the brush, tap it against the product lid or the counter to knock off the excess.
3. Apply the powder to your face with light to medium pressure and make sure you've covered any areas prone to getting oily or shiny.
4. If you don't like a fully matte finish, try dabbing a damp beauty sponge over the powder to set it and remove any extra.
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