How to apply natural-looking brows

If you wear glasses, you may be wondering if your brows should be bold or natural. Although the preference is always personal, you should also consider how your makeup will look once you put your glasses on. The size of the frames plays a key role in determining your brow game.
No one wants to look like they have two sets of brows, and that's exactly what can happen if you fill them in too heavily. To keep brows from competing with your glasses, go for a naturally enhanced look. In this quick tutorial video, you'll see how using powder instead of a brow gel or pomade makes a big difference.
- Brow powder
- Angled brow brush
1. Select a brow powder that matches your natural hair color. Tip: You may not need a dedicated brow powder if you have an eye shadow in the perfect shade.
2. With an angled brush, apply the powder to your brows to fill in sparse spots and fully define the shape. Use a light hand and don't pack on the powder. You can always add more if necessary.
3. Put on your glasses and check out your work. If your brows still seem too light, you can apply more powder.
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