How to use eyeshadow primers to keep your glasses from falling down your nose

Whether you need to wear glasses all day or just when reading or working on a computer, you've probably experienced the dreaded slipping that comes with them. Normally it's not a real problem, just an inconvenience. But if you also wear makeup, you know that every time you have to push the frames back up you smudge your makeup.
Never fear, there's a solution – and it's already in your makeup kit. The reason glasses slip is that you have two smooth surfaces rubbing against one another. The trick is to create a slightly tacky surface on the bridge of your nose to keep glasses from sliding down. So, what product should you use? Primer. But not just any primer; you'll need eyeshadow primer for this quick fix.
- Eyeshadow primer (preferably one with some texture)
- Clean fingers
1. With your pinky or ring finger, dab a small amount of eyeshadow primer onto the bridge of your nose. Be sure to bring it down each side just a little bit to coat the area where your glasses sit.
2. Let the primer dry fully. When it feels dry to the touch, put on your glasses.
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