How to find the perfect neutral lip color

When it comes to changing up your look, lipstick always does the trick. It's a relatively inexpensive way to test the waters, especially when you're looking for something edgy or bold. Even though electric blue and ultraviolet have become mainstream, they're pretty hard to pull off because they're such a shocking contrast to traditional lip shades. Think about it. If your lips are blue or purple, it usually means you're freezing.
If you want to update your look without going overboard, keep your skin tone in mind. Look for cool shades with a blue or pink base color if your skin has pink undertones. Most people have warm undertones, so shades of peach, coral and warm neutrals are a good option. Remember, though, your personal style will always dictate the shade that's right for you. Check out this fun tutorial to see why some of these shades aren't very flattering on warm-toned skin.
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1. When picking a lipstick color, try to determine its undertone.
2. Look at your skin before applying foundation. If you're not sure about your undertones, hold a piece of white paper next to your face. Warm-toned skin may appear slightly yellow or light brown, and cool toned skin will look pink. If your skin looks peachy, you probably have both warm and cool tones. Lucky you.
3. Once you determine your undertone, pick a lipstick shade in your color family. Everyone can wear red. It's the undertone that makes a difference.
4. When opting for a neutral look, choose a shade in your color family that complements your skin without being too obvious. A neutral shade always looks best when it's similar to your natural lip color – only better.
Tip: If you're still struggling, look in your closet. The colors that look best on you can guide you toward the best lip shade.
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