How to use a lip liner

Have you ever wondered why you should bother with lip liner? After all, a swipe of lipstick will add the pop of color you're looking for. In fact, you should always apply lip liner before lipstick when possible.
Lip liner enhances lipstick in a lot of ways. It helps it last longer without smearing or rubbing off. It also lines the edges of your lips to help you apply lipstick more easily and naturally. Finally, lining your lips will help prevent lipstick color from bleeding into the tiny lines around your mouth. It's very easy to apply. Just watch this short video and you'll be lining your lips like a pro.
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1. Begin to line all around the outside of your lips with the lip liner. Trace the shape of your lips fully with the liner pencil. Pay special attention to the Cupid's bow (top curve of your lip) and the inner corners.
2. Apply lipstick over the liner. If you want a more natural look, try to closely match the shades.
It's as easy as that! Another pro tip for applying lip liner: You don't have to make the line thin. In fact, you want to have a thicker line to more naturally blend the lipstick shade into. A thin line will look harsh and is more likely to stand out.
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