How to remove a mascara slip and conceal with a cotton ball

It's one of the worst feelings you can have. You've just spent a lot of time perfecting your makeup, and it looks wonderful. You blink, and there it is – a mascara slip on your upper or lower eyelid. This happens when mascara isn't fully dry, and it can seriously ruin your good eye makeup game.
Before you wipe off all your carefully applied eye makeup and prepare to try again, watch this quick video. Using makeup and the contents of your medicine cabinet, you can camouflage that slip with ease. This makeup hack is a serious game changer.
- Cotton ball
- Foundation
1. Carefully add a small amount of foundation to one side with a cotton ball. You'll need to turn the cotton ball in your fingers, so keep it in one small area.
2. Flipping the cotton ball in your fingers, use the clean side to carefully clean up as much of the mascara slip as you can. It's okay if there's some left; you just want the slip to be as faint as possible.
3. Turn the cotton ball again to the foundation side, and carefully dab it over what is left of the mascara mark.
4. If necessary, blend in the foundation gently with the cotton ball, until the slip is completely covered.
Tip: if you don't have a cotton ball handy, hunt down a cotton swab. It'll work just as well.
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